"I am truly grateful to Nella for her professionalism in drawing up my marriage contract. Her diligence and attention to detail are unmatched. We were successful in achieving all our goals in a timely manner and it was a result of her hard work and persistence. She was always available to take my calls and provide guidance on any revisions I required for my marriage contract. I would definitely work with her again and would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for making the process simplistic and painless."
Daniel, 2019

"What can we say? Nella Macchia and Aida Costa her assistant, have always been there for me, my husband, my mom and my brother. My first visit to Nella must have been over 30 years ago (back in the early 1990’s) just as she was starting her Legal practice. She is always available, always helpful and always goes “above and beyond” to help us. Over the years we have dealt with many Legal matters. Such as:
  • She helped me deal with my Divorce quickly and efficiently never judging.
  • She has always handled my mother’s properties, Wills, Power of Attorney’s etc. and other personal Legal matters.
  • She directed us when it came time for my husband to deal with complicated property and family issues in Italy.
  • Nella then helped my husband and I thru our 2nd Marriage and both of our Wills and Power of Attorney’s.
  • She handled all my property transactions and my husband’s as well. Her quality of work is always 100%.
  • She assisted and my Son on the purchase of his 1st property.
  • She assisted my brother with many of his Legal Matters, again always going “above and beyond”.
Whenever I need any Legal advice, she is always available to speak to me in a manner that I fully understand. Not only does she fully address my concerns, but she always has time to ask 'how’s the family doing?' I consider our relationship not only professional, but also on a friendship level as well. I love having Nella Macchia on my side. I fully trust and respect Nella and her advice to me and my family."
Lidia Lingini & Frank Petrozziello, 2019

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the guidance and counsel Nella Macchia has provided to myself and my clients over the last 20 years.  I met Mrs. Macchia back in 2000 and since then she has consistently looked after personal matters, closed successfully many of my clients’ real estate purchases, and has provided legal counsel regarding family law matters.  Mrs. Macchia is not only very knowledgeable, she is approachable, and is prompt in responding.  She genuinely takes the time to listen and provide timely legal advice.  I will continue to refer Nella Macchia with full confidence that my clients will be receive topnotch legal advice and achieve successful results."
Maria Guadagnolo, 2019
Outstanding team!

"I have known Nella Macchia for years and have heard about her professionalism and high standards, that is why I went to her at my time of need. Her courtesy, knowledge, empathy and honesty have become very important to me in the last few years as she represented me in a very complex litigation dealing with multiple lawsuits.  I was always kept informed of all the options that were available to me. She was able to settle and resolve each one of those lawsuits.  I have also used her for my Wills and Estate advice. I highly recommend her and her staff: they are outstanding. I am so grateful to have them on my team and for the amazing results achieved."  
T. S., 2019

"Nella and team have been spectacular at keeping us both aware and informed with our legal matters.  They have facilitated both our investment and personal home purchases as if they were their own."
David DeMurtas, 2019
Good advice

"I must say I really appreciated your counsel and good advice over my matter with my employer. Your advice seems to be working and I will keep you posted as we proceed."
Edison, 2009
With love...

"Thank you so much for all your help, guidance & support through these tough times for me and my boys. You truly made a difference in our lives."
M., 2009
Many Thanks!

"We want to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the work and effort you put into your job. Without you as our representative and friend, we would not have gotten this far. We will never forget what you have done."
Carmela & Joe, 2000
Thank you!

"Thank you Nella! Don't judge a woman by what she stands for but what she stands up for..."
Grace & Diane, 1995